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Sea Glass Segment On Martha Stewart With Richard LaMotte

A wonderful segment was aired yesterday on the Martha Stewart show with Richard LaMotte, an expert on sea glass identification and the author of  “Pure Sea Glass“.  








Richard LaMotte brought a beautiful assortment of sea glass with him which included aqua sea glass, blue sea glass and the very rare orange and red sea glass.  He provided information on the origin of many of the sea glass colors and brought wonderful examples of bottles, jars and other antiques to show how these gems are formed and where their stunning colors originated from. 

One of my all time favorite sea glass books is written by Mr. Lamotte,  “Pure Sea Glass”  which is my personal sea glass bible.  I refer to this book and his expertise often when I am trying to identify a new treasure discovered on the beaches here in Maine.  This book provides as a useful tool and reference for any beachcomber. I highly recommend it. 

As I have always said, which Richard LaMotte mentioned on the show, winter is the best time of the year to find sea glass.  I don’t even start my serious sea glass hunting until after September. This is when we have found some our best treasures for our collections and sea glass jewelry designs.  The beaches are quiet, few tourists are left and the fall and winter weather has brought some high seas with its passing storms.  The sea glass has been  stirred up with all of this wave action and has a much better chance of reaching the coast then the calm waters of summer, which is when most people are hunting for sea glass.  Some of largest and most prized pieces of seaglass were found druing this time. Just bundle up. Walking by the ocean here in Maine during the winter months can be quite chilly.  The surf on the Maine coastline is one of the best sea glass producing areas around.     

Some of our treasured sea glass finds 


Sea Glass

Sea Glass Treasures ~ Tears Of The Sea

Red And Yellow Sea Glass Marble

Sea Glass Treasures ~ Tears Of The Sea











Happy Hunting !    Seek And You Shall Find !

Tears Of The Sea   


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New Sea Glass Jewelry For Autumn By The Sea

Sea glass jewelry is perfect for the fall months with spectacular sea glass colors in warm browns, teals, ambers and blues. Many people think sea glass jewelry is just for the summer, however, autumn is the ideal time to showcase these natural wonders from the sea.  Deep rich beach glass colors perfectly compliment the end of the summer and welcome the upcoming season.  

I find September and the fall months to be the ideal time to take a walk on the beach to find these seaglass treasures that have washed upon the sand.  The tourists have all left for the summer, the weather is perfect and the storms have delivered some unique finds.  

Natural Sea Glass Bracelet







I make it a practice to arrive at high tide and follow the tide out in the fall as I find it produces the best treasures.  Sea glass and beach pottery tend to get mixed up in the sand and pebbles here on the coast of Maine and this allows me the opportunity to catch many of the pieces that may otherwise get washed back out at sea.  The waves are constantly tumbling these gems  upon the shore and if your quick and have your waterproof boots on you are sure to return with some great treasures.    

Happy Hunting !


Tears Of The Sea  

Sea Glass Jewelry Creations Of Maine   


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