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After The Storm

All is well in Maine after Irene has departed. Simply wasn’t as bad here as expected. Strong winds and rain, but otherwise minimal damage.
Off to the beach tomorrow to take a look at the condition of my favorite spot and hopefully some jewels will be sparkling in the sunlight. I still think, the best sea glass hunting will be more towards the end of the week, but I’ll give it a shot. You never know.


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Sea Glass Hunters Get Ready For Irene’s Treasures

Attention Sea Glass Hunters, Hurricane Irene Is Making Its Way Towards The East Coast And Estimated To Be A Major Storm. To Start, I Hope Everyone Stays Safe And Be Sure To Stay Clear Of The Beaches And The Danger The Surf Will Bring At This Time.


Hurricane Irene's Path

After Irene Departs And The Weather And Beaches Are Safe, I Suggest Getting Your Beachcombing Bucket And Get Ready To Start Collecting Some Great Sea Glass Treasures That This Storm Is Sure To Stir Up And Deliver To The Coastal Beaches. We Have Collected Many Of Our Most Prized Sea Glass Collectibles Shortly After A Big Storm Has Passed Here In Maine.  Make Sure To Wear Sturdy Shoes As Their Will Be A Lot Of Debris On The Beach Which May Be Dangerous To Step On If You Are Wearing Soft Soles. Some Of These Objects May Be Slightly Buried Under The Sand And Not Visible To The Eye But Close Enough To The Surface To Cause Injury.  A Pair Of Leather Gloves May Not Be A Bad Idea, For Moving Debris Around To Find Some Of These Jewels.

Make Sure To Beachcomb At The High Tide Line, Wherever That May Be After This Storm Passes. We Have Found Sea Glass As Far As The Beach Parking Lots After A  Serious NorEaster. You Will Continue To Find Sea Glass For Weeks After This Storm As The Tides Wash Away Layers Of Sand Exposing These Washed Up Gems.


Stay Safe And Happy Beachcombing !!


Tears Of The Sea

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